Free Warzone Medpacks on Tatooine (Outlaws Den)

The Outlaws Den has never been famous for anything, except for a duty call in your mission log. We have found out, that there are several hidden chests containing free warzone medpacks for PVP matches. PVP vendors sell them for 1000 credits each, the GTN price is approxiamtely at 500 credits on Darth Malgus EU. We have counted 14 spawning locations and each chest drops 20 WZ medpacks, which means you can farm between 100-300 in 15 min! So far the respawn timer for each location seems to be different, by switching instances you can cover most of them however. Find a map below with the farming route, and some of the locations. If you stick to the route, you should be able to farm as many chests as possible…



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  1. Haha, nice! Thanks for the tip mate 😀

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