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Once I was looking for a new outfit for one of my comapnions back in the days when you had to equip them with proper gear, too. As buying armor off the GTN was always a question of credits, the cheapest way to go was to get adaptive armor. At that time, the only adaptive armor available was the one from the cartel market. I never bought any of the hypercrates or complete armor sets where you had to use cartel coins. I saved up some credits and got the items that I wanted from the GTN. As some of them were pretty rare on the one hand, on the other there also was an oversupply of items flooding the market.

Rotworm Practice Jersey Female

Take the above Rotworm Practice Jersey as an example. It came along with almost every Freelancer’s Bounty Pack (2012) that the price on the GTN dropped to 500 credits or less per piece. I checked daily for the newly offered jerseys and bought all of them that were below 1.000 credits. In total I got approximately 50 of them along with the Frogdog Practice Jersey. I have invested approximately 40.000 credits on the Rotworm Jerseys.

The next thing that you will have to do is wait! Be patient and wait for the right time to sell the items. In this particular case it took almost 4 years, but it was totally worth it. The price nowadays went up from 500 credits to over 50.000 (10.000% profit). I once sold a jersey for 250.000 credits (50.000% profit) 😀

So, try to check for items that could be in high demand in the future and store them somewhere in your cargo hold. If you do this continuously, you can sell different items stored at different times step-by-step on the GTN and make a lot of profit!

Have you made similar experiences or what is your secret in making credits? Leave a comment down below 😉

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  1. Haha, four years? That doesn’t sound like fast credits 😀 I sell the whole packs that I bought cheap from the auction house… made a couple of millions in a few days :p

  2. Man, you got lucky with all those for only 500 creds?! *grrr*

  3. The best way to make credits is to play the GTN. That means buying expensive items for low price, then selling them for a higher price. To do this you need to get an understanding of at what price items will sell. Another way is buying items on the Cartel Market and selling them on the GTN. You can also open packs and hope you get a really rare, or high selling item. If you decide to open a pack(s), be sure to sell everything you don’t want/need, because in the end the credits will add up. The more packs you open at once, the better your chances of getting a rare item, though the RnG in this game could be better. Heroics, I find, are actually a pretty good way to make credits. Doing 2 planets could get you around 1.5 million credits (doing bonus missions as well). There are a lot of YouTube videos you can watch about making credits.

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