100 Free Cartel Coins per month


If you are a subscriber or a preferred player, setting up a security key will be rewarded with 100 complementary cartel coins per month for free. That means you will get 1200 cartel coins per year with no further effort – don’t be stupid an let that opportunity go to waste! With those cartel coins you can buy off items and sell them on the GTN for a high price. The cartel packs or example, always sell like hot cakes. Here is the the description from the official SWTOR website:

SWTOR Security Key Setup

Security Key

Setting up your physical or mobile security key (iphone or android app) adds another level of protection to your account, which helps prevent unauthorized access to your account. Follow the simple instructions below to set up your security key.


  1. Log in to My Account – If you don’t have a SWTOR account, you’ll need to create one.
  2. Answer your security questions – You need at least three security questions answered before you can set up your security key.
  3. Set up your security key – Have your security key (mobile or physical) ready!

Under “My Account” you can easily check if the security key setup was successful:

Security Key Setup #2

Check if the setup was successful.

Even as a Free 2 Play player you will be granted 100 free Cartel Coins per month!

Security Key Setup #3

Every month 100 complimentary Cartel Coins will be added to your account, for free!


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  1. Hi,
    For now, even if you are not a sub, you can get 100 cartel coins/month by adding a security key to your account !
    All you have to do is setting the security key ine your account and use the SWTOR Android/iOS application or Google Authentificator for Android or Winauth for Windows.

    There is another good solution if you want to gain more Cartel coins, it’s using the referral link of your friends or give them yours.
    This is a simple URL, you only need to click and connect to your account to use it.
    For example, mine is
    Feel free to use it if you want, you will receive in game items, a subscription week and coins 🙂

    For complete informations on this system, please visit the friend info page on the official website page : http://www.swtor.com/info/friends

    Have a good game

  2. Awesome!!! This is simply awesome dude 😀

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