Easy Credits selling Crew Skill Crafting Mats

Crew Skill Crafting Mats
Sell Crew Skill Crafting Mats in SWTOR for easy credits.

I just made 70.000 credits simple and easy by selling crew skill crafting mats on the GTN. Farming credits has never been easier and effortless in SWTOR. Want to learn how? Check out my guide!

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  1. I really would like to know if it’s possible to farm a substancial amount of money per week without doing dailies or crafting?
    I mean, is there another way to farm money with satisfy results?
    Please do not come here and start talking I’m lazy or something, I just want to know if there is another way to farm money and if it exists, is or not rewardable.
    Otherwise, between Dailies and Crafting, what do you suggest?
    For dailies, what is the best sequence of planets and how much credits I should save in a week? (doing all dailies in a good planet sequence….)

    But if the Crafting is the best option, which items/materials are mostly bought and sold on GTN?

    Sorry if this thread is in the wrong place. I didn’t even know where to post it out.

  2. Does it make sense to do this in both fractions? Republic and imperial fleet use different GTN afaik…

  3. Oh I have tried this so many times… there is always an idiot selling mats for less 🙁

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