Rock Strongo

Killing a Kelldrake

Playing as a Sith Sorcerer Healer Rôck Strongo in my guild Fallen Legion (www.fallen-legion.co.nr) on the Red Eclipse Server (EU, now Darth Malgus) for quite a while now, I figured out how to make easy credits over time. Except for the time I have started the game with preferred status, I have never been short on credits. As soon as you have 3+ high level toons, it will become more easy to use the Guides provided on this website. I hope they are useful. Please feel free to leave a comment and subscribe to my YouTube channel 😉


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  1. Hi thank you very much for the website I look forward to learning off this!

  2. Reading your guides is pure pleasure for me, it deserves to go viral. Very helpful to me as a SWTOR beginner 🙂

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