Should I subscribe to SWTOR?

A subscriber pays a monthly fee of around $15 USD to access and play the game.


Here is a short list of the Subscriber benefits:

  • All current expansions
  • 500 Cartel Coins per month
  • Access to gearing at max-level (Galactic Command)
  • Access to Operations (8-man group content)
  • Access to 12 Character Slots
  • Access to 50 Galactic Trade Network Slots
  • Access to 6 Quickbars
  • Access to Artifact Quality Gear
  • Access to In-Game Support
  • Access to Rest XP
  • Access to Three Crew Skills
  • Free Re-specializations (Combat Proficiency)
  • Higher Experience Point Rate (Faster XP)
  • No Chat Restrictions
  • Unlimited Flashpoints
  • Unlimited Medical Probes
  • Unlimited Mail
  • Unlimited Space Missions
  • Unlimited Warzones
  • Unlimited Uprisings
  • Full List.


Subscribers receive all current story expansions and level upgrades for free. These stay unlocked even after you unsubscribe.

  • Rise of the Hutt Cartel (aka “Makeb”): Level 51-55, includes two storylines, one for each faction, and a new daily area
  • Shadow of Revan: Level 56-60, includes two planets, Rishi and Yavin 4, and Ziost seperately
  • Knights of the Fallen Empire: Level 61-65, includes 16 Chapters and Start Fortress missions
  • Knights of the Eternal Throne: Level 66-70, includes 9 Chapters


Subscriptions are currently available in the following plans:

  • 60 Days – $29.99 USD – One Time Purchase
  • 30 Days – $14.99 USD (Billed Every 30 Days) – Recurring Purchase
  • 90 Days – $13.99 USD Per Month (Billed $41.97 USD Every 90 Days) – Recurring Purchase
  • 180 Days – $12.99 USD Per Month (Billed $77.94 USD Every 180 Days)- Recurring Purchase

Cartel Coins

Subscribers are given a monthly stipend of Cartel Coins.

They grant 500 coins for just having a subscription and an additional 100 coins if an authenticator is setup on your account.


Should I Subscribe to SWTOR?

If you are new to the game and are enjoying it, it’s almost always recommended that you subscribe at least for one month to unlock all the expansions and upgrade your account to preferred.

If you are a returning player who has not subscribed in a while, it is also recommended you subscribe for at least one month to unlock the most recent story and level expansions so you can catch up.

Removing Restrictions

If you feel that the free-to-play restrictions are too much, consider trying a subscription for 1 month. If you end up cancelling the subscription at the end of the month, you will have at least upgrade your account to a Preferred Account. Preferred players have less restrictions than pure free-to-play players.

Just playing the main storyline before level 50

If you are short on money, many players suggest not subscribing until after you reach level 50 and have finished your class storyline and have finished Ilum. You can also try making a second character on the opposite faction instead of subscribing if you want to see the other half of the story. Subscribing can make leveling easier with more perks and less restrictions.

Playing after you have finished the main storyline

If you are free-to-play and want to continue playing the game at level 50 but don’t want to subscribe there are only so many options available to you. You can create new characters, replay heroics, play flashpoints and join warzones with friends, or go achievement hunting. This type of gameplay can be very restrictive as a free-to-play player, and you will have to be willing to compromise if you want to continue playing the game at level 50. The largest restriction you will face will be the credit cap if you get in to the hobbies available to free to play players including collecting, stronghold decorating or fashion.

Unlocking Expansions and Storylines

If you are a new player interested in progressing your story beyond Chapter 3 of your class story and Ilum, you will need to subscribe to go to the next storyline on Makeb. If you are a returning player that has not subscribed recently, you will need to subscribe to unlock the most recent expansions. For players who are interested in story, it is highly recommended to subscribe at least for one month to unlock the expansions.

Max-Level and Gearing

If you are interested in reaching the highest level of the game and earning the best gear in the game, you must be subscribed. You can not earn the best gear as a preferred player, and free-to-play players can not even reach max-level to start with. Players at max-level can earn gear through Galactic Command.


If you want to play 8-man or 16-man operations you MUST subscribe.


If you want to play ranked PvP you MUST subscribe. If you only want to do regular PvP, you are limited to 5 matches per week alone if you are not subscribed. But if you pair up with a friend who is already subscribed, you can run unlimited warzones.

If you are doing max-level pvp while not subscribed, you will be restricted to any gear you earned in the past – you will not be able to earn new gear. So if you are already well-geared, and want to run pvp with a friend, playing pvp while not subscribed can work, or if you are ungeared but don’t mind you can play casually.

But if you are interested in earning the best pvp gear and easily running unlimited warzones, you must subscribe.

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