SWTOR Acronyms explained

It is my pleasure to explain the different abbreviations, acronyms and chat commands used in this game. Please feel free to write in this thread about suggestions and if something needs to be corrected.

KP = Karaggas Palace
EV = Eternity Vault
EC = Explosive Conflict (EC can also mean “Eternal Championship”)
DF = Dread Fortress
DP = Dread Palace
S&V = Scum and Villany
TFB = Terror from Beyond (Lotek’k – same as TFB)
Rav = Ravagers
ToS = Temple of Sacrifice
TC = Toborro’s Courtyard
GftM = Gods from the Machine

LFG = Looking for group
BRB = Be right back
LFM = Looking for more
RDPS = Ranged DPS
MDPS = Melee DPS
DD WT = DPS with taunt. Some operations does not require two tanks it is enough with one tank and a dps that can take aggro and hold it for a short time. Groupfinder still requires two tanks to sign up, so one DPS sign as tank.
Ach, Achs, chievo or chieve = Achievement (used by some players to verify that the content has been done before)
GCD = Global Cooldown (when you can not use your abilities for a little while)
AFK = Away from keyboard
MT or wc (Miss tell, wrong chat) = Used when someone posts something in wrong chat asking the viewers to ignore what was previously written.
RC = Ready check (used to check if the group is ready, the command to use this is /rc)
Bio break = A break to visit the bathroom
CC = Crowd control (to handle enemies with stun or a lift for example, to make it easier to fight)
GTG = “Got to go” or “Good to go” (make sure you notice in what context it is written so you do not start the fight when someone is about to leave)
DC = Disconnected, it is when a player for some reason is not connected to the game anymore.
LAG / Latency = The time it takes for information to travel between the computer and the server. Higher latency can be experienced as the game being slow to respond or not respond at all.
Add(s) = It can be weaker enemies that you have to fight in addition to a boss. It can also mean that a enemy joins the fight either expected or unexpected, someone in chat might write “add” if that happens.
Pat = patrol a single or small group of NPCs that moves between two or more points (could transition into an “unexpected add” if the person/group is not careful).
Train = a large group of mobs chasing a player character.
“e + e” = “equipped and experienced” meaning that the player has to have good gear for the content and know tactics.
“+” = A player might write this when the player is ready for a invite.
“+1” = A player might write this when the player agrees with something, usually the previous post or chatline.
AC = Advanced Class (every class has two paths)
Spec = Specialization (the discipline tree your character plays)
Min IL 216 = Minimum Item level this group leader will accept for a invite to content (in this example 216). (IL can also be substituted with GS for gear score)
DMC = Dark Matter Catalyst, a tradeskill item that drops in OPS that is used to craft high level items.
UC = Unassembled component(s)

IA = Imperial Agent
Op = Operative (AC of IA) can also mean Operation (large group content)
SI = Sith Inquisitor
Sin = Assassin (AC of SI)
Sorc = Sorcerer (AC of SI)
SW = Sith Warrior can also mean “Star Wars”
Jugg = Juggernaut (AC of SW)
Mara – Marauder (AC of SW)
BH = Bounty Hunter
Merc = Mercenary (AC of BH)
JK = Jedi Knight
Sent = Sentinel (AC of JK)
JC = Jedi Consular
VG = Vanguard

SH = Stronghold – a player’s house
QT = Quicktravel
CD = Cooldown – the time you have to wait before activating the ability again.
DCD = Defensive cooldown
PROC (Programmed Random Occurrence) = This is something a player can not click to use it is automaticly activated by a certain chance. It can be items like relics or it can also be player abilities that has a certain chance to activate making them more powerful.
GM = Guildmaster (or sometimes) Guildmistress.
TS / VENT / MUMBLE – TeamSpeak, Ventrillo, Mumble – Different apps for voice over internet communications
EA = Electronic Arts.
BW = BioWare
GSF = Galactic Starfighter – the space version of PvP
QQ = Complaining, whining or griping about an issue.
MOB = An enemy or group of enemies in PvE
COMP = Companion or Composition of a PvP team.
DEV = Developer- the programmers and team that create the game.
LS = Light side
DS = Dark side
APAC = Asia Pacific
Mando = Mandalorian (some Bounty Hunters are Mandalorians but not all, Mando has also been suggested to mean Commando).
PTS = Public Test Server, a place where upcomming content is tested. It is not open at all times but usually before a big patch.
CS = Customer Service

PvP maps:
HB = Huttball
ACW = Alderaan Civil war
AH = Ancient Hypergate
VS = Voidstar.
QB = Quesh Huttball.
OPG = Odessen Proving Grounds

PvP related:
REGS = Regular warzones, i.e. not Ranked.
RWZ = Ranked Warzone.
WZ = Warzone.
Grank = Group Ranked
GG or GJ = Good game or good job. Usually said to a winning team or one that put up a valiant or enjoyable fight.
GRATZ = Congratulations – usually for some achievement completed.
TT or tt = Tunnel Tank. – Which I guess means focus all DPS on the tank. ( in PVP) (While Crowd Controlling ( CC)

GTN = Galactic trade Network – a place to buy and sell items. (sometimes GTM)
WTB = Want to buy. -Some people add ‘L’ as in Would ‘like’ to buy.
WTS = Want to sell. Some people add ‘L’ as in Would ‘like’ to sell.
COD = Cash on delivery, this is used when items are sent with the mail. Good for trading items when players are not online at the same time.

Rep = Reputation (Some also use this for Republic)
BBA = Bounty Brokers Association (Bounty event)
KDY = Kuat Drive Yards (KDY Flashpoint)
THORN = The Hyland Organization for Rakghoul Neutralization (Rakghoul event)
EC or TEC = The Eternal Championship (players fight bosses in a championship to get rewards)
DvL = Dark vs Light. It is a event where players play current content to get new rewards.

Pub or Rep = Republic
Imp = Imperial

Mando Raiders = Mandalorian Raiders
FE = False Emperor or Fallen Empire (depends on context)
BH = Bloodhunt or Bounty Hunter (depends on context)
FP = Flashpoint (dungeons)
CM = Colossal Monolith or Cartel Market (depends on context)
WB = World Boss
LBLO = Last boss lockout


With regard to content designed to be run solo:

SM – Story Mode: the easiest form of this content. Designed so that the player can experience the story without stress of challenging fights.
VM – Veteran Mode: middle ground of this content. Designed to provide a more challenging combat experience
MM – Master Mode: the most difficult form of this content. Designed for players who want to push the limits of their solo combat play

With regard to Flashpoints:

SM – Story/Solo Mode: Designed so that the player can experience the story without stress of challenging fights. Upon entering you are provided with a GSI combat droid (AKA the godbot/jesusbot) that fills the tank and healer roles. You the bot and a companion run through the Flashpoint. Not ALL flashpoints have this mode.
VM – Veteran Mode (formerly known as Tactical Mode): middle ground of this content. Designed for any four characters to complete (although they can be completed with Player Characters replaced by companions). In areas where bosses are encountered you will find “kolto stations” clickable objects that heal the group.
MM – Master Mode (formerly known as Hard/Heroic Mode): the most difficult version of this content. Designed for the “trinity” (tank, heal, 2 DPS). Boss fight areas no longer have the “kolto stations” and bosses have added mechanics to make the fights more challenging.

With regard to Uprisings:

SM – Story Mode: easiest mode of this content. Designed for any four players to complete (although they can be completed with Player Characters replaced by companions). In areas where bosses are encountered you will find “healing stations” run through these objects to heal the group.
VM – Veteran Mode: middle of the road mode of this content. Similarly designed as SM, but the fights are “more difficult”
MM – Master Mode: toughest version of this content. Trinity groups are probably best suited, but still any four characters can group up to do this content.

With regard to Operations:

SM – Story Mode: easiest mode of this content. Most boss fights are simple; with few mechanics that are frequently ignored (although this does put more stress on the healers )
VM – Veteran Mode (formerly known as Hard/Heroic Mode): designed for groups of consistent players who want a more challenging experience. More and harder hitting mechanics (instant death is a possibility), shorter enrage timers.
MM – Master Mode (formerly known as Nightmare Mode [NiM]): designed for only the best of the best to complete. Players need to fully understand the characters they play and who they team up with. Optimal character gear is required. “Situational Awareness” (knowing EXACTLY what is going on at any given moment) is required. Fight mechanics are even tougher (instant death is likely and/or if one person dies the encounter becomes exponentially harder.

BM = Battlemaster (unlikely to hear this anymore, but it does pop up every now and again)
WH = War Hero (unlikely to hear this anymore, but it does pop up every now and again)
DR = Dark Reaver
Inc = Incoming
#W = # West
#E = # East
#S = # South
#N = # North

Odessen Proving Grounds Warzone:

Defense Canon – North
Cantina – Mid
Artifact Chamber – South
Tech lab – East
Hangar – West

SS = Satele Shan (North America, East Coast but contains mainly West Coast players)
SF = Star Forge (North America, East Coast)
DM = Darth Malgus (Europe – English)
TL = The Leviathan (Europe – French)
TH = Tulak Hord (Europe – German)

Tat = Tatooine
Ald = Alderaan
Nar or shad = Nar Shaddaa
Bal = Balmorra
Cor= Correlia
Yav = Yavin 4
Cor = Coruscant
Ord = Ord Mantell
Korr = Korriban

YSH = Yavin Stronghold.
BCW = Bounty contract week.
‘Tog’ and/or ‘Toggy’ = Togruta. – A playable race.
Gree = The Gree event on Ilum PvE and PvP objectives, Plus an operations boss. Gree is also an non-playable race.

OP = Original Poster (the person who started a discussion with the very first posting in it). It can also mean Overpowered (a term used for some classes that are said to be performing better in certain situations / circumstances)
BiS = Best in slot (a item that has the optimal stat for the character that uses it)

YOLO (You Only Live Once) = A term used when it comes to solo ranked PvP

Casual = a gamer that plays a game how they want, when they want. They have their preferred modes of play but may in everything. And generally do not dedicate themselves to complete optimization in any one aspect (for a variety of “reasons”).

Hardcore = a gamer that tends to play a game on a schedule. They have their preferred modes of play and usually stick to those modes (because that is what they are best at and/or want to play all the time). They tend to play in longer stretches of time and dedicate themselves to complete optimization (because doing so is necessary to progress in whatever mode they have chosen)

Casualcore = a gamer that falls somewhere between casual and hardcore (this constitutes the overwhelming majority of today’s gamers). They may play on schedule, they may play whenever they want, they may even do a little of both. They have their preferred modes of play and tend to optimize in those modes but they may dabble in everything else too.

Solo Mode: A way to experience flashpoints solo without a group. The option to do this with almost all flashpoints was recently added.

Tactical mode: A way to experience flashpoints with other players not dependant on specific roles (like 1 tank, 1 healer, 2 dps)

Heroic Mode: A way to experience harder content with the help of players with specific roles. This mode requires in groupfinder flashpoints 1 tank, 1 healer and 2 DPS.

GC: Galactic Command. A system that gears players through RNG crates.

RNG: Random number generator. This will decide what loot the player get and how good it is.

Twink = an alternate character that has the best gear available because other characters in the player’s posse/legacy provided in game currency and/or gear. Common usage is in PvP (without a bolster system) where a character in “super gear” is better than those around him.

Parse or parsing = A external program that measures the output of dps. Used by many hardcore players and guilds.

Threat = (PVE only) The player with the highest threat on an enemy is attacked by this enemy. Threat is mainly generated by dealing damage to the enemy, healing a person in combat with the enemy or using a taunt ability on the enemy
Overheal = The amount of healing that had no effect because the target was already at full health
EHPS = The amount of HPS that actually healed your target
DTPS = Damage Taken Per Second
HTPS = Healing Taken/Received Per Second
TPS = Threat Per Second
APM = Abilities Per Minute (depending on class and discipline, APMs considered good range from ~38 to 50)

Aggro = In solo play “aggro range” is the distance where an enemy NPC will attack you; if you move within that distance an enemy NPC (and maybe some of his/her friends) will attack you.

In group play, tank classes “hold aggro” meaning that they are designed to grab the attention of enemy NPCs (aka mobs) so that they do not attack the damage dealers or healers. However, dps and healers can “pull aggro” meaning that they have surpassed the tank in “threat” (a numeric representation of how enemy NPCs rank the danger a player character poses) and start attacking a group member other than the tank.

Regarding PvP: In the Alderaan War Zone, people often say “grass” and “snow” and mean one of both cannons on the left or the right side of the map. One has indeed snow around it, meanwhile the other has bits of grass around it. On some servers people usually say “east” or “west” instead, some people also say “left” or “right” for destinations shown on the minimap / bigger map.

Squelched = It happens when someone spams the chat with the same message, you get the message ” You are squelched”. It has been reported here on the forum to release automaticly after 24 hours. Spam is defined by the official rules as “Spamming is also defined as ‘saying’ the same phrase or sentence multiple times within a 30 second period in any chat channel.

Ragequit = When someone logs out in anger over something that has happened in the game.

DoT = Damage over time. An effect that inflicts damage over a period rather than instantly.
DoT Spread. = Applying DoTs to several opponents in rapid succession.
HoT = Heal over time.
Tick = Periodic effects, for example 500 damage every second for five seconds.
Buff = A boost to one’s stats or abilities. E.g. Cooldown reduction
Nerf = The opposite of buff.

PVE: Player versus Enviroment (You fight against computer-controlled enemies)
PVP: Player versus Player (You fight against other players)

Mobility = Gap closers, knockbacks, speed boosts.
Utility = Temporary boosts that generally aid one’s team. For examples increasing run speed, or an ability to cast heals on the move.

GF = Groupfinder, this little button is found on the edge of the minimap.
OMW = On my Way
LoS = Line of sight. -Within attack range / Behind solid cover.
Kiting = Attacking from range and stopping the enemy closing the gap to melee.
FOTM = Flavour of the Month. A trend where people choose to play what are percieved as overpowered character classes.
Multickle = When you enter command “/e tickles you.”
12X = 12 time XP. = A perk for subscribers multiplying their experience points during class stories enabling fast levelling. (this is only active during a 12X event). It can be disabled with a white acute module.
RP = Roleplay
AoE = Area of effect. An attack that hits multiple enemies simultaneously.
GF = Groupfinder. A queue system putting together solo players into a flashpoint or operation.
Pop = Groupfinder or PvP popup dialog box inviting the player to join the match / flashpoint.
MVP = Most Valued player. An additional award to vote for a player who contributed most in a warzone or GSF match.
F2P = Free to play. Players who don’t pay a subscription and have certain in-game restrictions.
L2P = Learn to play. Usually sarcastic advice to anyone finding something difficult that the majority find easy.
PUG = Pick up group (a group with random players usually found with groupfinder or recruited at fleet)
Pre-made = A group that is recruited by the team before the OPS, FP or Warzone. Can be used when teams check for achievements before queueing up with groupfinder for example or queueing up as a group in warzones.

CC = Cartel coins (also crowd control -temporarily stopping an enemy from attacking).
CM = Cartel market. An online shop to buy perks, equipment etc. – usually in exchange for CCs or in-game credits.
CR / Creds = Credits. The in-game currency.
BSG = A special form of cartel packs that contain different rare items. It stands for Bronze, Silver, Gold.
Lev. = Level
Cap = Maximum level.
Enrage = A sudden increase in an enemies defence or damage output after a timer expires.
DPS = Damage per second
HPS = Healing per second

Freecast = Standing still and using abilities (usually healing) without interruption or the need to move and therefore stop.
Trinity = A combination of DPS healing and Tank. Usually, though not always in a 2:1:1 ratio.
EXP or XP = Experience.
CXP = Command experience points
Bolster = A mechanic designed to help even out disparate character levels in PvP and some flashpoints.
Bio, Scav, Diplo, TH, UT, Arch, Slice, SW, AT (or Arms), Art, AM = Crewskills: Bioalalysys, Scavenging, Diplomacy, Treasure hunting, Underworld Trading, Synthweaving, Armstech, Artifice, Armormech
Bio-Bio-Diplo = a common crewskill combination, Bioanalysis, Biochem and diplomacy.

Farm = To repeat an action – normally not anything too challenging – to gain a reward several times over.
Grind = To repeat many times to get an end result.
Timesink = Something that requires a long time to achieve.
Credit sink = A mechanism where in gamer currency is removed from the system to help prevent inflation.

RotHC = Rise of the Hutt Cartel (First expansion, launched with 2.0)
SoR = Shadow of Revan (Second expansion, launched with 3.0)
KotFE = Knights of the Fallen Empire (Third expansion, launched with 4.0)
KotET = Knights of the Eternal Throne (Fourth expansion, December 2 2016)

NP = No problem. The usual response when thanked for something.
YW = You are welcome.
TTFN / CYA = goodbye (Ta-Ta-for-now) / (See you)
BB or bb = Bye bye
HH = Happy Hunting

Post item or quest in chat : Be in the chat window, and then shift+click on the item/quest you want to link.

Chat commands:

/who = Write this and the guildname to see who is online from the guild you seek
/group = Write this to chat with your current group in a flashpoint for example
/ops = Write this to chat with your ops
/g = Write this to chat with your guild
/s = Write this to say something in the vicinity
/gquit = Write this to quit the guild
/ignore = Write this and the players name if you want to ignore someone, you will not be grouped up with this person in groupfinder. This only works with random groupfinders and not warzones. Pre made teams can still contain members of your ignorelist.
/p = /group
/i or /Invite NAME = invite to group
/gi NAME = invite to guild
/fr or /friend NAME = add to friends list
/roll = Creates a random number between 1 and 100. It is used among many things to decide who gets the loot.
/1 = general chat
/2 = pvp chat
/3 = trade chat
/played = shows you the playtime of your Character
/create [channelname] [password]- Create an Channel and an optional password
/cjoin [channelname] [password] – Join an already made channel also including a password if needed
/cleave [channelname] [password] – Leave a custom channel also including a password if needed
/lock [channelname] – Allow only invited players to join the channel
/unlock [channelname] – Allow all players to join the custom channel
/cinvite [channelname] [player] – Invite someone to the custom channel
/password [channelname] [password] – Set a password for the channel
/password [channelname] – Clear a password from a channel
/ckick [channelname] [player] – Kick a player from the channel
/ban [channelname] [player] – Ban a player from the channel
/unban [channelname] [player] – Unban a player from a channel
/mod [channelname] [player] – Give a player the moderator status in the channel
/unmod [channelname] [player] – Remove mod status from a player
/mute [channelname] [player] – Remove the ability to send messages on the channel
/unmute [channelname] [player] – Grant the ability to send messages on the channel
/moderate [channelname] – Set the custom channel to only let moderators speak
/unmoderate [channelname]- Set the custom channel to let anyone speak
/channellist – List all custom channels you are on
/list [channelname] – List the players on the custom channel

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