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I don’t wanna waste your time by reading through hundred of pages how to make easy credits in SWTOR, so feel free to jump directly to the guides section. In this chapter I just want to write a few words about the basic strategies you can follow to make your own fortune in credits. Star War the Old Republic is my first MMO and I was afraid by reading the forums and fleet chat, how some people desperatly needed credits to buy fancy things off the GTN or wanted to upgrade their toons with better equipment (e.g. augments, augmentation kits or hawkeye crystals). Starting my first toon, making credits wasn’t easy in the beginning – not knowing where to start to look for lucrative opportunities ingame. I tried to find help with YouTube videos and online guides, unfortunately most of them were outdated and the “good farming spot” was already nerfed or gone for good. Therefore I thought to bring up a page like this and here we are…

Basic setup to become a millioinaire:

1) Have a subscription: Otherwise you are automatically blocked out by the credit escrow that is restrictive to free-to-play and preferred status players with 200.000 and 350.000 credits, respectively.


Get a subscription

2) Establish a certain base amount of credits to get in touch with the enhanced GTN strategies, which is actually the easiest but also the trickiest way to make fast and steady credits an become a millionaire. I recommend approxiamtely 100.000 credits to start with. If you start as low level, the easiest way to get fast credits and experience at the same time is just to do PvP (dailies, weeklies, but also simple matches). If you have already reached LV 50+ you can start to grind dailies in the different locations.

Here is a short summary from to summarize the amount of credits you’re able to grind per daily:

Daily Area Empire Total Republic Total
Belsavis 93.787 89.122
Ilum 67.765 69.957
Black Hole 56.043 56.043
Section X 88.336 91.565
Makeb 90.831 91.146
GSI 194.160 194.160
CZ-198 36.666 36.666
Oricon 83.458 83.458
Space 62.278 62.278
PvP 24.098 24.098
Total per Day 797.422 798.493
Total per Week 5.581.954 558.9451
+ Weeklies 5.703.009 5.710.506

As you can see, simply grinding the SWTOR dailies can make you a credit millionaire. Here comes the “BUT”: It is pretty boring and no fun at all to do it that way, overall it is also time consuming. Once in a while it can be fun of course, you can team up with a guild mate you can get your money’s worth. And as I wrote above, it is the best and most certain way to get your 100.000 credit stock.

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