Rishi Chest Farming

Ok, this one is really easy and one of my favorite farming spots at the moment. On the beautiful planet of Rishi you can farm six security chests (with the shown route). Per chest you will get 15.000 credits on average plus another 4.000-20.000 for the loot. With the introduction of this planet in the week of early access for those who pre-ordered the SWTOR expansion Shadow of Revan, the chests gave 25.000 credits plus loot on average. The respawn timer was set to 5.00 minutes, which made you instantly a millionaire. Now the timer is set to 30.00 minutes, which makes it no more that easy. Nevertheless, I recommend doing it on a regular base! Find the location coordinates for five chests below. No. 6 will be added soon.




Check out the YouTube video:

In the following YouTube clip, all locations are shown as well as the complete route:

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  1. Unfortunately, this has been nerfed recently… 🙁

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