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Making credits in SWTOR with the “buy low, sell high” strategy works pretty fine and once you’ve found your niche on the GTN, it generates a constant credit income with a really low time exposure. First of all you should have a little bit of starter cash. How you can achieve that even with a low level character is explained here. A good base to start with, are round about 100.000 credits:

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Preferably, find items that are rare and have a high demand at the same time. If you monitor the market for a while, you will get a feeling for good or bad selling items. As example I chose the TD-17A Colossus gear, which is kind of an allrounder for the previously mentioned requirements (that depends on your server of course).

Now that we know what we are looking for, let’s search the GTN for that item. When you start from scratch, you’ll have to invest a little bit of time to monitor the prices. It can be helpful to make a list to do it properly. We have found the following:


A lucky shot; three items that are offered really cheap (2x Headgear and 1x Boots, the leggins don’t sell because of oversupply). Let’s buy them and raise the price. But keep in mind that it needs also a bit of instinct to get the best profit out of an item.


The headgear for example was bought for 12.000 credits and offered then for 99.870 credits. You may ask why that kind of price? Well, that is quite simple. I could have put 100.000 as well, but from a psychological point of view 99.870 sounds definitely better! (9.99 vs 10.00)


Now look at that! The item was sold very easily with the charged price and we made a brutto win of approximately 830%. But always be aware of the 6% selling fee that you have to pay to use the GTN. Therefore, we made a netto win of 785% still!

Some things to remember:

  • Try to monitor prices on the server you’re playing on a regular base to get the “feeling” right. A simple list is easy to keep up to date an will help you to make your buying decisions easier.
  • Buy items that are listed under market value. If you are monitoring the prices regularly, you will see so many items listed under value – take advantage of this by buying and relisting them. One group easy to start with, adaptive armor from the cartel market item section.
  • If you are the only one offering a certain item on the GTN, try to charge a “higher” price in the first place – but do not charge an unreasonable amount as it certainly will not sell. You should go for approximately two to three times the usual market price. If someone undercuts you, consider cancelling your listings and relisting the items just under the lowest price, or buying out your competitors items.
  • Don’t undercut other players listings by huge amounts, unless they are asking for an amount you know is far too high. You’ll only drive the price down. A few credits should be enough, just to make sure yours appear at the top of the listings.
  • If you are selling items stackwise like mats for instance, always check both; the lowest price per stack and per unit. If the cheapest items by unit price are all tied up in large stacks, list smaller stacks at a higher unit price. Your aim would be to have your item either with the lowest unit price, or the lowest stack price, so it is easily found.
  • Only buy items to resell if the credit gain isn’t going to be negligible. You can double your money buying items for 100 credits and reselling them for 200, but without any efficiency.


Check out the YouTube video:

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Readers Comments (12)

  1. This is a test 😉

  2. Bah! No matter what I do, I just can’t do the GTN!

    • Sohanna, an easy start for me with all this was to buy schematics. Check for the ones that are sold for a few hundred credits but are also rather rare. Don’t buy the ones that are sold cheap but are also flooding the market. Then sell them for a few thousand credits (up to 9999 but not more then 10.000). Instead of schematics you can also go for crew skill missions. Try to do it the same way as mentioned above 😉

  3. Hey man, I really appreciate the guide. Being somewhat new to the game I wanted to try and get into the market. With that being said, one of the terms I constantly hear about other than “Buying low and selling high” is to “Notice trends in the market”. I assume this means actually noticing what sells?

    If that is the case how does one actually “Notice” these trends. Should I just go on the GTN and randomly scan through items? Is there a certain way or guideline as to how someone actually knows what sells, and how to make a profit?

    Thank you!

    • Hey Ish. They way it worked out for me was, to make a list with my personal most wanted items. I scanned the prices for them for a few weeks but at least for some days to get an overview of the average price they would sell. Then, when there was the opportunity to buy at a low price I did and usually sold it right away for a price above the average. Also it is a bit of luck to find items that are constantly sold for a low price but can always be sold for much higher… but I can guarantee you, these items exist 🙂

      • Ahh thanks! When you say “Personal Most Wanted Items”, do you really mean just like.. items you want? Or like items you could see people wanting? I’m a bit confused as to what you mean hah.

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